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    The Hamilton Party

  • About Us & Updates

    The Hamilton Party is a Political Party within the "Identity" Role-Playing Game which works to create a safer and more equal community.
    You can find our Policies and the Laws and Enforcement that we'll put in place if elected using the heading tabs above.

    September 5, 2017 · Update,Support
    August 24, 2017 · Update
  • Our Policies

    General Economy

    Economy | Money | Salary

    We think that if you work hard then you should be paid accordingly. However, we strongly believe that more important, life-saving jobs such as those within Law Enforcement and elsewhere within the Emergency Services should be paid the higher paid salaries.

    Emergency Services

    Law Enforcement | Emergency Medical Service | Fire & Rescue

    We understand the importance of the Emergency Services so we want to ensure that they are paid accordingly. We will also be increasing our budget to ensure that there are more jobs available within the Emergency Services.

    Firearms and Weaponry

    Handguns | Rifles | Assault Rifles | etc.

    Updated: 28/08/2017

    We understand how important owning a firearm is to you, which is why we have recently updated our policy regarding this. All firearms may only be sold to legal license holders, however, these will only be issued to farmers, wildlife hunters, shopkeepers and Law Enforcement Officers.

    Competitive Payrolls

    Economy | Money | Salary

    We believe that your payroll should be dependent on the quality of your work and how much time and effort you put into it, not what your sexual/gender identity, sexuality, race, religion, etc. is.

    The harder you work, the more you should earn regardless of the job you do, although there will, of course, be jobs with higher salaries than others.

    Religion & Faith

    Religion | Faith | Beliefs

    We believe that everybody should have the right to practice their religions and faiths publicly so long as they do not practice any form of hate and do not cause any trouble within the community. We will fight to have more designated areas where people can practice and discuss their faiths openly and more importantly, safely.

    We also fully support the wearing of religious clothing in public (e.g., Burkahs, Kippahs, Hijabs, etc.)

    Jobs & Business Owners

    Jobs | Business | Economy

    We know how difficult it can be for small business owners to have their companies kick off and be successful, so we want to change that to make it easier for them. Whilst doing this, we wish to "hit two birds with one stone" and provide more jobs for the unemployed which will also make recruitment easier for any recruiting organisations who are hiring.


    Tax | Economy | Jobs

    Tax will be issued at 15% and will help to fund the Emergency Services and other important government jobs.

    LGBTQ+ Rights

    LGBTQ | Rights | Marriage

    We do and always will support the rights of the LGBTQ+ community and for all law-abiding citizens to be treated equally. This includes the rights regarding marriage, adoption, job recruitment, etc.

    We also respect the right of the public to update their gender identity on public records at any given time with a 6-month delay between each change as we understand that one's gender identity may not always be the same as their biological sex. We also support the right for trans* citizens to transition via surgery.

    Protesting & Parading

    Protest | Parade | Public

    We respect your right to protest against things that you don't agree with and to have your opinion heard, so long as this is done peacefully, does not make too much noise or obstruct traffic in any way.

    We also allow parading and public marching, however, this should be requested with the city council with due notice and must be accepted by the appropriate authority.

    Medicinal Marijuana

    Drugs | Medical | Marijuana

    We know how large and controversial the topic of marijuana usage is on the island and we know about both the dangers and benefits that usage of the drug can have which is why we have set forth the following policy:


    Marijuana will be permitted to be used with an authorised medical staff's prescription and will only be given out for very limited cases whilst the policy is experimented. Any usage of the drug whilst unprescribed will result in legal action such as confiscation, jail time and additional charges such as fines where applicable.

  • Our Acts

    See what we'll do to combat some of the most important issues on the island.

    Care4U Act of 2017

    Homeless | Poverty | Economy


    We understand how big of an issue homelessness and poverty is in the world which is why we are introducing The Care4U Act. This act will work to get the homeless off the streets and into a temporary home until they are able to find work and make a stable living for themselves.


    If a Law Enforcement Officer encounters anyone living off the streets, they will take them down to the local police station to provide them with some shelter and supplies until they can be given a ride to the nearest Care4U shelter. These shelters are dedicated houses located across the island monitored by live-in members of our team in which the homeless will be able to rest, wash and eat.

    Anti-Corruption Act of 2017

    Law Enforcement | Emergency Services | Public



    We are aware of the fears and concerns that many of you have regarding corruption within Law Enforcement, the Government, etc. and want to let you know that we will not tolerate any form of corruption, mutiny or otherwise inappropriate behaviour within these organisations.


    To combat this issue, we have introduced the Anti-Corruption Act which will permit monthly checks on all officers and Government officials who appear suspicious and will terminate any on-going contracts with those individuals if necessary.



    Immigration Act of 2017

    Immigration | Emigration | Citizenship





    The Immigration Act will work to tighten our borders by adding increased security and border patrol agents around the island.


    All citizens of the island must own a valid and updated passport whilst all tourists and foreigners seeking work within the island must own a valid Visa and Work Permit.





    Suicide Prevention Act of 2017

    Mental Health | Suicide | Safety


    The Suicide Prevention Act will work to create government-funded community centres so that those suffering from mental health issues such as depression, self-harm and suicidal thoughts can have a place to go to for professional support and advice along with meeting others who may also be going through something similar as to what they are themselves.


    This can be an excellent first step for these people to get back up and on running again and can make new friendships lasting a lifetime.


  • Laws & Enforcement


    Public Disturbance

    4 Hours & $50

    Publicly Under The Influence

    24 Hours (1 Day) & $50


    6 Hours & $500

    Vandalism of Emergency & Government Vehicles

    12 Hours & $2000

    Discriminatory Behaviour (Racism, Sexism, anti-LGBTQ+, Islamaphobia, etc.)

    6 Hours & $2000



    Abuse of 911


    Resisting Arrest

    12 Hours

    Obstruction of Justice

    12 Hours

    Refusing to Report Crime 


    Impersonation of Emergency Services

    1 Hour & $50

    Illegal Firearm Ownership

    48 Hours (2 Days) & $1000 per firearm confiscated.

    Prison Escape

    Previous time doubled , 24 Hours (1 Day) & $5000



    24 Hours (1 Day) & $550

    Assault on a Police Officer

    72 Hours & $1000

    Armed Assault 

    72 Hours (3 Days) & $1500


    72 Hours (3 Days) & $2500


    48 Hours (2 Days) & $1000

    Kidnapping / Hostaging

    72 Hours (3 Days) & $2000

    Robbery & Theft

    Robbery under $1,000 

    4 Hours & Items Returned

    Robbery $1,000-$10,000 

    8 Hours & Items Returned

    Robbery over $10,000 

    1 Day & Items Returned

    Vehicle Theft

    6 Hours, $500 & Items Returned

    Grand Larceny (Bank Robbery)

    72 Hours (3 Days), $5000 & Items Returned.

    Drugs & Substance Abuse

    Possession of Class A Drugs/Substances (Heroin, Cocaine, Ecstacy, etc.)

    6 Hours & $400

    Purchasing/Selling of Class A Drugs/Substances

    10 Hours & $800

    Possession of Class B Drugs/Substances (Amphetamines, Codeine, Cannibis, etc.)

    5 Hours & $300

    Purchasing/Selling of Class B Drugs/Substances

    9 Hours & $700

    Possession of Class C Drugs/Substances (Benzodiazephines, Ketamine, Anabolic Steroids etc.)

    4 Hours & $200

    Purchasing/Selling of Class C Drugs/Substances 

    8 Hours & $600

    Vehicles & Driving

    Unroadworthy Vehicle

    $200 & Vehicle Impounded.

    Driving Unlicensed

    24 Hour (1 Day) & $500

    Dangerous Driving

    24 Hours & $300

    Failing to Stop at a Stop Sign / Red Traffic Light


    Failing to Indicate When Turning


    Failing to Pull Over for Police Traffic Stop


    Driving Under The Influence

    24 Hours & $500

    Vehicular Assault

    72 Hours (3 Days) & $2500

    Vehicular Manslaughter

    48 Hours (2 Days) & $2000

    Vehicle Obstructing Road During Emergency

    $1000 & Vehicle may be Bashed/Rammed to Clear Road. You will not be reimbursed for damage to your vehicle.

    Protesting & Parading

    Peaceful Protesting or Parading


    Public Parading Without City Council Acceptance

    $250 & Event Shut Down

    Noise Complaints


    Obstructing Traffic


    Homelessness & The Care4U Act


    When it comes to homelessness, we don't want to be "those" people who issue fines or arrest people who are struggling to get by already which is why we have The Care4U Act.


    If a Law Enforcement Officer encounters anyone "living it rough" on the streets and/or begging, they will be trained to take them into the local station NOT as an arrest but instead to give them some shelter and resources until they can be taken cared for by a Care4U staff member who will give them a ride to the nearest Care4U shelter where they will be able to live, eat, shower and rest until they are able to get back on their feet again.


    Protesting & Parading

    We respect your right to stand up for what you believe and/or don't believe in, along with your right to publicly celebrate equality, diversity and freedom which is why we permit protesting and parading.


    However, we also understand that very often, these things can get out of hand sooner than you might expect which is why there will always be plenty of Police Officers, EMS and Fire Brigade ready during these events.


    We ask that for parading and public celebration you give the city council due notice and that it is accepted first, before proceeding to celebrate. If any roads are needing to be blocked for parade floats, please include this with your request to the city council with enough information.

  • How To Support Us

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  • Brian Hamilton

    Party Leader

    Originally from Scotland, Brian moved to the United States at 18 years old in hope of starting a new life as he felt that there wasn't much left for him in Scotland other than family. He wanted to visit the U.S. in hope of seeing new things and finding new opportunities when he gained an interest in American politics and began studying it more and more until he eventually decided that he wanted to make a change in the community.

    Sebastian Lives

    Head of Security

    Sebastian Lives is the Head of Security for The Hamilton Party.

    The Head of Security's job is to ensure that the Security Team are aware of the plan before any and all press conferences and other public party events to ensure that the team is all on the same understanding of how to react should something, on the off-chance, go wrong.

    Tara Eberhart

    Security Team

    The Security Team are tasked with working alongside Law Enforcement and our private security partners to ensure that our Staff remain fully protected by being posted at various posts around events such as Press Conferences and other public speaking events.

    They may also be tasked in travelling within the convoy to protect the Governor vehicle at all times whilst in a set formation.


    Security Team

    The Security Team are tasked with working alongside Law Enforcement and our private security partners to ensure that our Staff remain fully protected by being posted at various posts around events such as Press Conferences and other public speaking events.

    They may also be tasked in travelling within the convoy to protect the Governor vehicle at all times whilst in a set formation.

    Nicolette Sans

    Public Relations Team

    The Public Relations (PR) Team will be in front of the cameras, speaking to the public, answering questions regarding the Party and making official announcements for upcoming events.

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    Their goal is to get you your packages in the fastest times and at the cheapest prices.

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